The possible has been tried and failed. Now it’s time to try the impossible. ― Sun Ra

Philosophy Tidbits


In my daily work I’m a computer nerd. I tend to focus on “back-end” software engineering, system administration, and cloud architecture in various forms. Eventually I would like to bridge the gap and incorporate “front-end” skills as well, though I’m still waiting on the right set of tools to make this a more enjoyable experience (WASM, are we there yet?).

This website

This site is brought to you by the magic of your web browser, numerous decentralized lookup and routing services, and a global content delivery network that is itself backed by the redundant storage technology of a major cloud provider. The content is “static”, so your web browser only needs to interpret it once, within a few milliseconds of retrieval. I do not betray your interests with tracking cookies or javascript, but I do capture request logs, which include IP address and user agent. All of this costs me about $20 per year, and most of that is for the annual administrative fee to claim the domain name.

The source content is written in UTF-8 encoded text using a domain specific language (DSL) designed to abstract the author’s intent from the actual presentation markup that your browser understands. This source is processed through a custom program constructed using another DSL that is designed to orchestrates DSL conversion processes (!). It is DSLs all the way down so that the computer does all of the tedious work for me as it should be.

No Monads were harmed in the production of this website. If you don’t believe me, the source is committed to a distributed version control system and is available for review at


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